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Based on the large-scale infrastructure and utility developments that began in 2014 and will continue next year too, our Company now wishes to signify these major efforts and objectives by announcing the site’s new denomination “Budapest Dock”, inspired by marketing considerations.


The launch of these developments is a major milestone in the life and ongoing development of Csepel Freeport, originally built in 1928, because:

  1. I. in the framework of a greenfield investment on a 43-hectar development land within the Freeport site, these will provide the foundation for future warehouses and office buildings to meet potential partners’ requirements,
  2. II. they will also foster the modernisation of existing infrastructure elements of the Freeport.


Infrastructure and utility developments started in 2014 and to be finished by the end of 2015:


  • North and south sectors of the northern link road
  • A bypass built to relieve Weiss Manfréd road, running along the commuter rail (HÉV) tracks on the Freeport side. The road to be built will be used by vehicles arriving to the Port from the north, relieving traffic pressure of Weiss Manfréd road.
  • North-south link road
  • A link road will connect the northern and southern areas of the Freeport, also to relieve Weiss Manfréd road, as up to now road traffic has flown by entering and exiting through gates I and II. After the road will be built this traffic can run within the port area, reducing traffic on Weiss Manfréd road.
  • Modernization of perimeter rail sidings and sidings for refrigerated shipments
  • The main line of the rail siding system within the Freeport area, serving incoming rail traffic, will be reconstructed and modernized.
  • Road network development at the small loading platform and north-western corner of Basin II – establishment of a new loading facility next to commercial basin II for ships, with fortification of the quay, as well as rail siding, area paving and access road construction.
  • Modernization of Granary sidings – modernization of sidings in the surroundings of the Granary with the establishment of a new open loading platform for more efficient service.
  • Modernization of the sidings at the open loading platform (Nyíltrakodó) and the area paving.
  • Building truck parking sector No. IV – the currently uncovered area will get concrete surface to ensure safer and more efficient use by trucks. The new paving will provide more organized, simultaneous utilization of a larger area.
  • Area lighting of lead track No. 5 – Creation of an area lighting network along the existing track.


Flexible real estate development potentials to meet tenant requirements:


  • Small-area warehouses to provide separate units of 200-1000 m2 space to rent,
  • Building larger warehouses with a space up to 10.000 m2,
  • Rental and construction of office buildings


Thanks to the ideal urban location, the area can offer long-term rental solutions for businesses who:


  • are searching for a site to conduct city logistics activities or have plans to establish a company headquarter/production hall/offices/showroom/wholesaler unit,


  • want to utilize the potentials of the railways, roads and waterways available at a favourable geographical location in Europe.


We are confident that in cooperation with our future partners we can implement state-of-the-art, busy logistics and office facilities that fully meet today’s requirements of the logistics industry. The brochure below provides a brief overview of building opportunities, and of course we are also at your service personally any time.


From now on, our Company will be present on the real estate rental development market under the name “Budapest Dock”, displayed together with Budapesti Szabadkikötő Logisztikai Zrt., and now this name also appears on our letterheads, envelopes and business cards.

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The operator of Budapest Freeport remains to be Budapesti Szabadkikötő Logisztikai Zrt. and its company name, as well as its abbreviated name (BSZL Zrt.) registered in the Company Registry is unchanged.


Location: Weiss Manfréd út 5-7. H-1211 Budapest, Hungary
Mailing address: 1751 Budapest, PB: 95.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +36 1 278 3102
Fax: + 36 1 276 3978


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